Kiwi database has been migrated

Kiwifruit is a recently domesticated horticultural fruit crop with substantial economic and nutritional value, especially because of the high content of vitamin C in its fruit. In this study, we de novo assembled two telomere-to-telomere kiwifruit genomes from Actinidia chinensis var. ‘Donghong’ (DH) and Actinidia latifolia ‘Kuoye’ (KY), with total lengths of 608 327 852 and 640 561 626 bp for 29 chromosomes... More→


Dear users of Kiwifruit genomic data,

We want to apologize for our mistakes in uploading the wrong version of annotation file of DH primary assembly. We had updated the assembly by assembling one telomere region of Chr10 but did not upload the corresponding version of annotation gff3 file. We have re-uploaded the right version of annotation file (AcDH.Chr.0724.Genes.gff3) and you can downloaded here. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.